Canvas Rubrics

October 11, 2018

Rubrics are explicit statements of the content and quality expectations for student work. They also provide the instructor with a consistent tool for grading. Rubrics typically consist of several evaluation criteria (rows) and performance levels within each criteria (columns). A point score is normally associated with each performance cell. The number of performance levels and maximum point value per criteria can vary. Rubrics can be used with any type of graded assignment: discussions, quizzes, uploaded files, non-submitted work, and on paper. Once created, rubrics are stored in Outcomes > Manage Rubrics. Rubrics are added when the activity is made. If a rubric is attached to more than one assignment, it cannot be edited. A rubric attached to a single activity can be edited but this should be avoided if it has been used to assign any grades. If you delete a rubric, it is still available in assignments that already used it but not for any new activity.

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