Canvas: Wrapping up the semester

April 27, 2021

As the semester winds down, there are various checks instructors can perform to help ensure that the final grade submission process will go smoothly. Review the Assignments page and ensure that extra credit activities are worth zero points. It’s best to delete any unused assignments and unused assignment groups. Check the to-do list on the course homepage for unexpected ungraded submission notices and clear them up. (This is the easiest way to discover student re-submissions and late submissions.) Go to course settings and view the grading scheme: verify that the percentile breaks match your posted syllabus. (Example: If your syllabus contains gaps, e.g. B-=80-82% and B=83-86%, then the Canvas breakpoint for the B- to B switch should be changed to 82.5%.) Also in settings, check participation and end date settings. If participation equals term, then the course ends May 11. If participation equals course, then you can enter a different end date for course activity. Once the end date is reached, students will have either read-only access or no access, depending on the restrictions you have specified. Contact the college Online & Distance Learning group for assistance.

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