Create an email link in Canvas

February 8, 2018

If you want your students to email you, rather than send a message through Canvas, consider adding an email link to your course Home Page. The following instructions assume your course begins on either the Syllabus index (recommended) or a Front Page of your design. Go to the Home Page and click Edit. Type in your ISU email (e.g. ), highlight it, and copy it. Next, click the ‘Link to URL’ chain link icon in the text editor. Remove the ‘http://’ that displays in the box and paste in (or retype) your email. Click ‘Insert Link’ button and then save your revised page. Verify that the link displays and functions properly by switching to Student view (Settings > Student View), then find and click the new email link.

Contact Details:

Name: Karla Embleton
Phone: 515-294-9198
Department: in administration