Duplicating content

February 21, 2019

In Canvas, the options for duplicating content and activities vary by what you are trying to duplicate. For a discussion or assignment, go to the main Discussions page, click the three dots after the activity to be copied, and select Duplicate. A copy is made – edit it and change the name, dates, etc. This process doesn’t work for quizzes or rubrics. Instead, rebuild or import these from another course. This can become a bit of a shell game where you export the original item to another account, then import it back in. Depending on whether questions are built into the quiz itself or linked from a bank, you may be creating duplicate question banks with the import. Therefore change the original item’s name in your course before the import so it will differ from the thing being imported. Another way to copy a rubric is to create a dummy assignment, add an existing rubric to it, edit the attached rubric’s title, and save it with a new name.

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