Hide/show student activity scores

March 2, 2020

Hide/show student activity scores:

Canvas does not allow you to hide/show grade columns. Instead, you decide whether to (1) hide/ show scores currently entered in the column, and (2) whether to hide/show future scores. These are two separate decisions, controlled by different tools. It is now possible – though normally undesirable – for a column to contain both hidden and showing scores. If a grade column contains at least one hidden score, a visibility icon (eye with slash through it) displays in the header cell on the column. Depending on the current visibility of scores in the column, the instructor sees either, or both, the “Hide grade” and “Post grades” options in the header cell menu. These are used to flip the visibility of current scores. To set whether future grades are visible for a grade column, select the Grade Posting Policy from the column header cell menu, or for the entire course. The column Grade Posting Policy overrides the Course Grade Posting Policy. See the tip posted at the MORE link.

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