How to limit the number of submission attempts per student in Canvas

May 29, 2020

By default, students always have the option to resubmit their Canvas assignments, even after the Due date. This can cause grading headaches and confusion and can be especially problematic on group assignments when teammates overwrite each other’s submission. To reduce this problem, Canvas now allows an instructor to change a course setting so the instructor can control the number of submissions each student can make. To turn on the submission control feature, go to Settings > Feature Options tab (top) > scroll to bottom of list > click the black X (off) switch so it turns green (on). Every online assignment in the course will then include an “Allowed Attempts” setting. The instructor can switch this from “unlimited” to “limited” and then specify the maximum number of attempts allowed for that activity. When the student goes to the assignment overview page, it will list the number of allowed submissions if there is a limit.

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