Set Up Canvas Quiz Time Accommodation

January 25, 2018

Set Up Canvas Quiz Time Accommodation: In Canvas, an instructor can set up extra time per attempt for individual students who require this accommodation. After creating and publishing the quiz as normal, click the link to the quiz so the quiz overview page displays. In the right hand column, click the new ‘Moderate This Quiz’ link. (If window is too narrow, the menu appears on the bottom rather than on the right.) A list of all students appears, with a pencil icon after each name. Click the pencil icon for your student. Enter the amount of extra time that should be added for this individual. Example: if class gets 30 minutes to complete the quiz and a student has an accommodation for 150% time, add 15 minutes for that student. Save your change. Verify that the extra time displays on the list of students. Note: The same process can be used to give students an extra attempt on a quiz. The accommodation must be added to each quiz individually, and for each student individually.

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