Speedgrader options

February 10, 2020

Speedgrader is the grading interface for Canvas. You can reach it in 3 ways: from the ‘To Do’ list on the course homepage, from an assignment instruction page, or from an individual student’s activity submission cell in the gradebook (hover in cell, click the arrow icon to open student grade tray, then click speedgrader). By default, speedgrader displays submissions in alphabetical order by student name. Change this behavior by clicking the gear in the upper left corner of speedgrader, then clicking Options. You can specify that submissions display in chronological order of posting or by the grading status of the submissions. The latter groups ungraded submissions together. Remember that if you click the downward pointing triangle after the currently displayed student’s name in speedgrader, the class roster displays with icons indicating whether each student’s submission is missing, already graded, or ungraded, and you can select any name to grade that student.

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