Student Access to Old Courses

August 19, 2019

Each publish Canvas course has an official, but unadvertised, start and end date based on the semester. Outside of these dates enrolled students can enter on a read-only basis, which may allow them to review and download past quiz keys, etc. To block student access completely, go into your course > Settings > checkmark the ‘Restrict students from viewing this course after end date box > scroll down and click the red ‘Update Course Details’ button. To keep a course open and active to all enrolled students past the regular end of term, go to ISU Admin Tools > Manage Sections > enter new end date and checkmark the ‘Override Term/Course Participation Dates’ box, then click the blue ‘Save Section’ button. If you have a student who has an official Incomplete, you are now required to create a new course for them, as describe in the MORE link. (This is a change from previous semester!)

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Phone: 294-9198
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