Jacob Barber

Major: Financial Counseling and Planning
Company/Organization: Iowa State Student loan education office
Company/Organization website: https://www.loaneducation.iastate.edu/
Destination: Ames, IA
Timeframe: Spring
Advisor/Coordinator Email: steckelb@iastate.edu


I helped to lessen the load of appointments for full-time advisers, by taking appointments. The appointments ranged from talking to first-time private loan borrowers and making sure they didn't take out too much to working with graduating seniors to go through exit counseling so that they are more educated on loans and more prepared to start paying in six months


Developing one on one communication skills to be able to help give advice and teach students, and people in general, about their loans, so that they can be most successful after graduation.

What advice would you give?

Take time to learn as much as you can. The things you learn today are vital and sometimes overlooked in the classroom experience.

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