Jonah Exline

Major: Event Management
Minor/option/emphasis: Event Management
Company/Organization: Department of Residence for Iowa State University
Company/Organization website:
Destination: Ames, Iowa
Timeframe: Summer
Advisor/Coordinator Email:


 Fully participate in group Conference Manager Staff training during Spring Semester.  Assist in the recruitment and selection of Summer Conference Staff (SCS) by publicizing for the positions, preparing selection materials, and interviewing candidates during Spring Semester. There will be approximately 18 SCS working 25-40+ hours per week in the summer.  Prepare and lead Summer Conference Staff training in May. Supervise and maintain SCS development and training throughout the summer. Implement policies and procedures to ensure appropriate work standards by SCS who are doing check-ins, check-outs, staffing conference desks, performing live-in (overnight) assignments in youth areas, handling money, and other duties.  Manage assigned conferences by completing tasks by specified deadlines such as: determining room assignments and services, confirming dining arrangements, being on-site and arranging staff for check-in/out, bill preparation, writing a post-conference summary, etc. Communicate with conference sponsors and share information in a timely manner to fellow conference staff and appropriate ISU Dining, Facilities, Residence Life, and other Department of Residence (DoR) staff.  Rotate being on-duty with other CM’s (approximately twice in the summer). Each duty rotation will be scheduled for approximately a one-week time period. The CM-on-duty would be accessible via a department cell phone to assist SCS in handling difficult situations and to serve as a contact person, resource, and responder for full-time Department of Residence staff in the event of emergencies involving conference groups. CM’s are required to be in Ames during weeks while on duty.  Be an active, informative, and supportive team member in weekly Conference Team and Department of Residence Conference meetings. Provide leadership at weekly Summer Conference Staff meetings.  CM’s are representatives of the Department of Residence Conference Team and will be expected to become knowledgeable about conference operations and policies during training. CM’s must provide professional, courteous, and efficient service to conference sponsors, guests, and fellow staff. CM’s will be expected to be a resource concerning services available within the Department of Residence, on the ISU campus, and within the Ames community.  CM’s will be expected to assist in special projects and other duties as needed, such as reviewing conference group billing; revising current procedures; assisting the Conference Coordinator, Assistant Conference Coordinator, and Clerk; aiding in decisions for future summers, etc.


I hosted the USA Hockey U14 Camp in Linden hall. This was a group of 145 participants. A bit of a high needs group but the sponsor, Alan Murdoch, gave me and my staff high praise by saying through email, "After all these years of running this camp this years was probably the best overall. Outstanding Athletes, Outstanding Staff and Outstanding Facilities !!! Thanks for all your work and help." Providing service like this is why I joined Event Management in the first place. Often during the conference you hear a lot about what is going wrong and it is nice to hear positive words.

Learning experience

Putting your full effort into everything you do at work but when you get home leave all the stress at the door. There is no use in worrying about a group once you home and off the clock. Bringing that stress away from work will tire you and make you less effective the next day. in short incorporating work and social life. That means waiting to answer emails until you get back to your desk and not from you're phone when you are at home.

What advice would you give?

Remember that an internship is a learning experience. Do not get discouraged when you mess something up, especially if it is your first time attempting something. We are shadowing and learning form out boss for a reason. When they offer you advice soak it all up like a sponge, even when you may not agree with what they are saying. Often times they will end up being right. That means following all instructions and listening when they warn you of common mistakes.

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