Macie Huston

Major: Human Development and Family Studies
Company/Organization: 4H Clover Kids - Iowa State Extension & Outreach
Destination: Ames, Iowa
Timeframe: Spring 2022
Advisor/Coordinator Email: hswebaid


Attend weekly meetings and webinars. Write lesson plans for Clover Kids volunteers to follow in meetings. Explore past, present, and future curriculum. Provide a new point of view to ideas. Prepare for summer reading programs.


My biggest accomplishment is that by the end of my internship experience I will get to be listed as an author for the 4H Clover Kids curriculum we are developing.

Learning experience

The greatest lesson I have learned from this experience is that all feedback is good feedback. Although you might not always agree with the feedback you receive, or it might be hard to hear, it is important to remember that someone took the time to review your work and give you tips to make it better.

What advice would you give?

Always say yes. HDFS is a broad major, say yes to each opportunity that comes your way so that you can determine what you do and do not want to do in the future.

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