Mariah Shipman

Company/Organization: MICA (Mid Iowa Community Action)
Company/Organization website:
Destination: Ames
Advisor/Coordinator Email:


I was responsible for answering phone calls, scheduling appointments, helping in the food pantry, assisting clients with filling out paperwork, filing client information, documenting donations, sitting in on client appointments with LIHEAP.


I updated the policy binder for LIHEAP, so it had current information for 2016. I was able to get to know a few of the clients who came in often to use the food pantry service.

Memorable experience

Being able to sit in on my mentor's meeting and see how she actually calculated how much individuals qualified for LIHEAP (energy assistance).

What advice would you give?

If you enjoy helping families in need, this may be a good volunteer option for you. You get to meet several different individuals, who are families in need, whether that be for the food pantry, energy assistance, flood relief, etc. MICA is a rewarding experience, because you can truly see how grateful these clients are for the support MICA has to offer.

How did you learn about this experience?

I was working at HyVee, and they told me they didn't have an internship opportunity that would relate to my major. The manager gave me MICA's number and said this may be a better option to look into.

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