Mica Moeller

Major: Child, Adult, and Family Services
Company/Organization: Center Point - Urbana Community School District
Company/Organization website: http://www.cpuschools.org
Destination: Urbana, IA
Timeframe: Spring
Advisor/Coordinator Email: enloe@iastate.edu


I am an intern under the school counselor in the intermediate school. My responsibilities include conducting research and creating guidance class lesson plans, leading small groups that focus on a specific conflict, and mentoring students one-on-one. I also attend all meetings and discussions that include the school counselor and observe these interactions.


My greatest accomplishment from this experience has been taking the lead on guidance. I knew I would eventually lead guidance, but I wasn't expecting to lead all sections of guidance so early. I was both nervous and excited when I was asked to start. I have learned over the past several weeks how to research, make lesson plans, and feel comfortable teaching them. I have learned that teaching lessons gets easier with practice.

What advice would you give?

Some advice I have is to start each day with a positive mindset. There are many events that happen during the day that you won't have any control over. Some days it will feel like you only have control of your own attitude. Take control of it. It is amazing how much of a difference your day will have by your attitude.

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