Stephanie Green

Major: Child, Adult, and Family Services
Minor/option/emphasis: CHFS-Child Programs
Company/Organization: Bright Horizons
Company/Organization website:
Destination: Ames, Iowa
Timeframe: Summer
Advisor/Coordinator Email:


Assist with the preparation of lunch on a daily basis, assist full and part time teachers with breaks, activities, or other transitions. Help administrative staff with daily tasks and chores around the center.


I assisted the staff and administration in preparing for their QRS (Quality Registrar Systems) accreditation that happened in July. I helped to prepare all of the classrooms for the observation by preparing new brand standard labels, re-organizing classroom layouts, and writing up checklists for the teachers to follow along with during the actual day of the observation.

What advice would you give?

If you are interested in working in a child care setting, I would highly suggest finding a Bright Horizon's location. They have high standards of care which means that the teachers and administration are always looking out for the best interests of the children. It is truly an excellent place to work and learn, and I have always felt comfortable asking for help or advice.

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