by Rachael Kauffman

The College of Human Sciences recognizes six students who have worked especially hard
throughout their time at Iowa State. These six students have gone above and beyond not just in
the classroom, but in their industry. These students are graduating with distinction due to their
excellent grades, support from the staff and their peers, and excellence they thrived for every

Odaly Perla

University Marshal

Elementary Education

“Iowa State University is the best place to find new ways to grow as an individual. It
has truly helped me find great ways to be a better version of myself. I chose ISU
because I knew that I could find that passion and dedication not only in myself, but
in those around me!”

Our University Marshal is Odaly Perla. Odaly is graduating summa cum laude with a Bachelor of
Science in Elementary Education, endorsements in English as a second language and in reading,
and has a minor in Learning Technologies. From a young age, Perla knew she could positively
impact the lives of others by becoming a teacher. At Iowa State, she spent time tutoring her
peers, was named to Cardinal Court, and was involved in Latinx student initiatives. Her
exceptional academic record combined with her outside-the-classroom experiences working
with local youth have given her a foundation that will power her future career as a third-grade
teacher at Perry Elementary School in Perry, Iowa.

Katherine Haidvogel

College Marshal

Apparel, Merchandising and Design

“I chose Iowa State because my senior year of high school I came for a visit and spent
the entire day with a College of Human Sciences (CHS) Student Ambassador. During this
day, I immersed myself in the firsthand experiences of an AMD student by attending
classes and learning about ways to get involved such as The Fashion Show, National
Retail Federation, and various study abroad programs. I left that day confident that Iowa
State was where I belonged.”

Katherine Haidvogel is our College Marshal. Katherine is graduating summa cum laude with a
4.0 grad-point-average. She has a dual major with a Bachelor of Science in Apparel,
Merchandising, and Design, and a Bachelor of Science in Marketing with a minor in Spanish for
Professionals. Haidvogel paired real-world experience and excellence in the classroom with
internships in New York and Spain. She has been a Fashion Scholarship Fund recipient three
times, was involved in Trend magazine, and spent time as a managerial producer for The
Fashion Show. The breadth and depth of Haidvogel’s experience has prepared her to make an
impact in the global fashion industry upon graduation.

Leah Coene

Dean’s Recognition


“The hands on learning and excellent teaching at ISU is unmatched and has helped to prepare
me for the next steps in my future. I feel so grateful for all of the experience and knowledge I
have gained through this program and that I am able to apply and expand my skills in my
Master’s Degree moving forward.”

Leah Coene is receiving a Dean’s Recognition Award. Leah is graduating summa cum laude with
a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics and a minor in Culinary Food Science. Preparing for a future in
clinical nutrition, Coene maintained a strong academic record while also working in campus labs
and classrooms. Her leadership benefitted numerous student organizations and she gained
experience in the healthcare industry by working as a nutrition aide at Unity Point Health
throughout college. Coene’s Iowa State experience has equipped her with the skills she needs
to continue her education and pursue a Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition – Dietetic
Integrated at RUSH University in the fall.

Faith Diamond

Dean’s Recognition

Financial Counseling and Planning

“I chose Iowa State University because, from the moment I set foot on campus, I felt a sense of
peace and knew I was right where God wanted me to be. During my time here, I learned the
importance of advocating for myself and persevering. But most importantly, I learned how to
become a better friend, cousin, sister, and daughter. Thank you, Iowa State, for blessing me with
great friendships and mentors and, overall, just bringing many beautiful people into my life.”

Faith Diamond is also receiving the Dean’s Recognition Award. Faith is graduating summa cum
laude with a Bachelor of Science in Financial Counseling and Planning and minors in General
Business and Sociology. Combining her strong academics with a deep understanding of human
motivation, Diamond has consistently demonstrated outstanding leadership and research skills
during her time at Iowa State. She was president of the Order of the Omega Honor Society,
became certified as a Psychology of Financial Planning Specialist, and directed finances for her
sorority, Delta Delta Delta. Diamond plans to embark on a career in the financial planning
industry while pursuing her CFP certification.

Lydia Linch

Dean’s Recognition

Kinesiology and Music

“I chose to study at Iowa State because it allowed me to explore both my areas of interest,
science and music, while also providing me with plenty of opportunities to grow in various skills
such as leadership and communication. These skills, as well as various programs I’ve had the
opportunity to be a part of helped prepare me for my future beyond undergraduate studies.”

Lydia Linch is the final receipt of the Dean’s Recognition Award. Lydia is graduating magna cum
laude with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and a second major in Music. As an
undergraduate researcher in the Alternative Medicine and Music for Parkinson’s Disease
Laboratory, Linch participated in research studies that examine the connection between music
and cognition in people with Parkinson’s Disease. She was active in numerous musical
endeavors and received accolades for her outstanding performances. Linch has been accepted
into Iowa State’s Neuroscience graduate program where she will continue advancing knowledge
on interactions between music and cognition and the effectiveness of music therapy in the
treatment of those with Parkinson’s Disease. After obtaining her master’s, she will apply to
medical school with the future goal of becoming a physician.

Paulina Hernandez

Graduating Student of the Semester

Apparel, Merchandising and Design

“My time at ISU has been transformative, especially as a first-generation college student.
Through the challenges and experiences, I’ve developed a deeper understanding of leadership,
learning how to navigate new environments and responsibilities. ISU has not only equipped me
with knowledge but also instilled in me the confidence to lead and adapt in diverse settings.”

Paulina Hernandez is our Graduating Student of the Semester, an honor that was voted on by
her peers. Paulina is graduating summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Apparel,
Merchandising, and Design. A standout in the classroom, Hernandez because a leader and
mentor to her classmates as a TRIO peer mentor and teaching assistant and created a strong
community as a resident assistant in on-campus housing. Her designs received numerous
accoladed in the 2023 Fashion Show and she was the Design Committee Director for the 2024
show. As an apparel design intern for Walmart in Manhattan, New York, Hernandez helped
develop seasonal lines for the company. After graduation, she will pursue a Master’s in
Education, Student Affairs, at Iowa State.

Congratulations to our 2024 Spring College of Humans Sciences Distinction graduates. We are
confident that every one of you will go on to do great things and have a large impact in your
field. Each one of you has earned your award through hard work and we applaud you for your
dedication and efforts during your time with Iowa State.