Summer 2022 Courses


Summer is the perfect time to get ahead, catch up or even take something you’re interested in! The Department of Human Development and Family Studies is here to support whatever your summer goals may be by offering a variety of classes that meet many Iowa State requirements. All summer 2022 classes are online and three credits unless noted below. If you have questions, talk with your academic advisor!

HD FS 102: Individual and Family Development, Health, and Well-being

Overview of life-span developmental tasks (physical, cognitive, language, social, emotional) examined from various theoretical perspectives. Discussion of topics related to family diversity, individual/family health and well-being and reciprocal relationships as affected by external factors. 

HD FS 183: Personal Finance in Early Adulthood

Introduction to basic concepts and budgeting practices for management of resources and prevention of financial problems commonly associated with college, including credit and student loans. Offered on a satisfactory-fail basis only.  (1 cr.)

HD FS 223: Child Development and Health

Typical and atypical development of children prenatal through middle childhood. Examination of healthy development and potential impact of health issues in children. Discussion of influence of the family and society on development. Either HD FS 223 or HD FS 224, but not both, may be applied toward graduation.

HD FS 240: Literature for Children

Evaluation of literature for children, including an emphasis on diversity and inclusion; cultural competence. Roles of literature in the overall development of children. Literature selection and use in the home and educational settings.
Meets U.S. Diversity Requirement

HD FS 249: Parenting and Family Diversity Issues

Parenting practices and family relationships across the lifespan. Practical knowledge and techniques about how to be an effective parent. Diverse families, discipline, and parent education programs.
Meets U.S. Diversity Requirement

HD FS 276: Human Sexuality

Behavioral, biological, and psychological aspects of human sexuality within the social context of family, culture, and society. Role of sexuality in human development. Critical analysis of media and research. Communication and decision-making skills relating to sexuality issues and relationships.
Meets U.S. Diversity Requirement

HD FS 283: Personal and Family Finance

Introduction to basic principles of personal and family finance. Budgeting, record keeping, checking and savings accounts, consumer credit, insurance, investments, and taxes.
Meets U.S. Diversity Requirement

HD FS 367: Abuse and Illness in Families

Causes and consequences of family stressors including physical, sexual, and emotional abuse; substance abuse; and mental and physical illness across the life span. Interplay between victims, offenders, and the treatment system.

HD FS 373: Death as a Part of Living

Consideration of death in the life span of the individual and the family with opportunity for exploration of personal and societal attitudes.