Josie Rodriguez

Get to know Josie

  • Major/minor: Child, adult, and family services
  • Class: Senior
  • Hometown: Belvidere, Illinois
  • Career goal: Work with an organization that focuses on human trafficking prevention education for children and teens
  • Clubs/activities: Iowa State chapter of Network Against Human Trafficking, Iowa State Marching Band
  • Awards/honors/scholarships: Dean’s list, ISU Academic Recognition Award
  • Favorite place on campus: Lagomarcino Cafe
  • Favorite class: WGS 450, Topics on Women and Gender Studies
  • Why Iowa State: The campus layout and warm-hearted people

Josie Rodriguez joins the fight against human trafficking, promotes outreach education

Josie Rodriguez has always been interested in working with the youth population, and her involvement in student council during high school only heightened her  interest.

“In high school, I was very involved in our student council. This allowed me to work with my peers to connect with our students and community,” Josie said. “I began to see the importance of having a safe space to work and learn with others, and this helped me see how important it is for children and families to have different resources within a community.”

Coming to Iowa State University and deciding to pursue human development and family studies, Josie wasn’t sure what path she wanted to take within the major. She did know that providing education was important to her, but didn’t feel like a classroom setting was the best fit for her. 

After taking a few courses, exploring potential career paths, and joining the Iowa State campus chapter of the Iowa Network Against Human Trafficking (NAHT), Josie solidified her career aspirations. 

“Having the prior experience of taking classes and also educating others through our club has given me a passion in educating people of all ages,” Josie said. “I would love to work for an organization that focuses on prevention education for children and teens by providing knowledge on the importance of things such as internet safety and human dignity.”

Now, as the president of the ISU campus chapter of NAHT, Josie continues to build upon the club’s goals and mission. One of these goals includes distributing stickers that display the human trafficking outline around the Ames and campus community. Another goal is to connect with other organizations that work with human trafficking and get survivors and advocates to join virtual club meetings and talk to members.

Josie highly credits her involvement in NAHT for aiding her advancement into her professional career.

“Being a part of ISU NAHT has prepared me for my future career by providing me with many great connections to different organizations that take part in the fight against human trafficking,” she said.

Josie is excited to continue to spread awareness, advocate for survivors, put her skills to use, and contribute to organizations that combat human trafficking.

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