International Opportunities

Are you considering a study abroad opportunity to broaden your educational perspectives and personal view of the world? We hope so!

There are study abroad programs in a number of countries, and a visit to the International Programs Office can provide information for each. If you are looking for an international experience tailored to your major, contact your advisor to discuss what program fits best with your academic plan. Use the resources below to explore the wide variety of opportunities that await you.


College of Human Sciences International Programs

The College of Human Sciences (CHS) International Programs office assists students with international travel programs available at the college level. Visit the CHS International Programs page for information on:

  • International programs available through CHS
  • International scholarships available through CHS
  • Tips
  • Blogs by students studying abroad

College of Human Sciences International Programs
131 MacKay Hall
2302 Osborn Drive
Ames, IA 50011-1078

College of Human Sciences Study Abroad Fair

The College of Human Sciences Study Abroad Fair is generally held in September each year.

Iowa State Study Abroad Fair

Study Abroad Fair events are held in September and January. Information tables are staffed by representatives that can answer your specific questions. Over 100 programs are represented.


There are a number of programs to choose from:

  • Some programs let you study and travel for a few weeks, a full semester, or an entire year!
  • There are group programs led by faculty.
  • Regent semester programs let you take a specific set of classes with other U.S. college students or take classes with students from the foreign institution.
  • Exchange programs allow you to pay Iowa State tuition and “exchange places” with a student from a foreign country who wishes to study at Iowa State.
  • Some programs let you complete internships or student teaching, or you may work for a summer in a foreign country.
  • You can also participate in programs organized by other U.S. or foreign schools.

Speaking the Language

You do not necessarily have to learn a new language to study abroad.

  • You may choose a country in which English is the common language.
  • You may choose a country where you can improve your skills in a language that you have learned in the past.

Study Abroad and Your Degree

Whether your study abroad applies to your degree or impacts your graduation date depends on the study abroad opportunity that you choose and which classes remain to be completed in your academic program.

Talk to your advisor. Be sure to see your advisor to understand how the courses you plan while studying abroad will apply to your degree requirements.

International perspectives requirement. Study abroad credits do meet the Iowa State International Perspectives requirement — check the Iowa State guidelines on these pages:

Registrar’s guidelines on international perspectives

International Perspectives requirement — course catalog

Financing Travel Abroad

Iowa State offers a number of study abroad locations in which the student pays tuition and room and board at Iowa State while changing places with a foreign student who comes to study at Iowa State (exchange programs). The educational costs of these programs is the same as attending Iowa State with the exception of the additional monies spent in travel and tourism while you are in your exchange country.

Other study abroad programs can be more expensive. Visit the following sites for more information:

Financial Aid office study abroad page

College of Human Sciences international scholarships

Iowa State Study Abroad Center

If you are receiving aid through the Iowa State Financial Aid Office, this money can be applied for study abroad as long as you are earning Iowa State credits or transferring academic credits into your program at Iowa State.

International Connections

In the past few years, through study abroad trips, HDFS students have experienced countless opportunities. Take a look at their international experiences here.