Nearly all of the qualified graduate students receive assistantships, scholarship support, and/or tuition waivers making graduate training in Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS) at Iowa State University a viable graduate education experience.

There are two types – research and teaching:

  • A research assistantship involves working with a faculty member on his/her research and may include collecting data, analyzing data, and helping write publications or grants.
  • We also have several teaching assistantships. Some of them involve helping with college courses while others involve independently teaching college courses.

Applying for assistantships: Applicants to HDFS indicate their assistantship preference on the Admissions Supplemental Information Sheet.

Salary: Graduate assistantships in Human Development and Family Studies change based on funding. The Graduate College keeps the most current information on their website under “Graduate Assistant Stipend Ranges.”

Tuition assistance: If a 20-hour appointment is granted, tuition scholarships cover:

  • Full tuition at the Ph.D. level
  • Half the in-state tuition at the M.S. level.

Out-of-state students with assistantships qualify for in-state tuition.

Income from assistantships is subject to state and federal income taxes.

Incoming Students

The director of graduate education in Human Development and Family Studies (DOGE), in combination with the chair of HDFS, assigns each incoming student to a research and/or teaching assistantship. Assignments are made that are a good fit for the student based on the student’s application materials, skills, research interests, and career aspirations.

Faculty members may also request specific students to work with them.

Continuing Students

Continuing students are sent a form yearly that asks them about their assistantship preferences for the next year. Faculty members are sent forms asking them what research and teaching assistantships they will have available and who they want to work with. Matches between student and faculty requests as well as departmental needs are made by the department chair and DOGE.

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