Learning outcomes

  • Obtain a broad understanding of the scholarly literature in Human Development and Family Studies and a comprehensive understanding of the scholarly literature in area of expertise.
  • Form testable hypotheses/anticipated hypothesized relationships and articulate research objectives that, when met, will lead to significant contributions to the field of study.
  • Conduct qualitative and/or quantitative research via appropriate acquisition, analysis, and reporting of data.
  • Interpret research results appropriately, integrating them into the existing knowledge in the discipline.
  • Clearly and accurately communicate research findings orally, in writing and with appropriate use of images (e.g., tables, figures) and media.
  • Articulate how the graduate program, including coursework and creative scholarship facilitates meets life and career goals.
  • Conduct scholarship, in teams and independently, that consistently demonstrates ethical practice and professionalism.
  • Participate in professional, university and/or community-related service.
  • Demonstrate effectiveness in teaching university courses (doctoral students).

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