Transfer Student Plans and Information


Human Development and Family Studies
Liz Harris
2321 Palmer Hall

Family and consumer sciences education and studies
Michale Hansen
1360 Palmer Hall

Early childhood education
Raquel Zuniga
2317 Palmer Hall

Financial counseling and planning
Carolyn Steckelberg
1337 Palmer Hall

Transfer Equivalency Guides

For more information about course equivalencies and transfer credit, please visit Course Equivalency Guides: Iowa State University Admissions.

Other Resources for Transfer Students

ISU Admissions transfer student website – Hundreds of transfer agreements with colleges around the country help create a seamless transition to Iowa State.

TRANSIT allows you to enter coursework you have taken at a community college or university and generate an evaluation to see how it will be accepted at Iowa State University. With TRANSIT you can enter your coursework and get:

  • An evaluation of how your courses transfer to Iowa State University.
  • A preliminary degree audit showing you how the courses you have taken so far will apply to a specific degree program at Iowa State University.

ISU Admissions Partnership Program (APP) lets you enjoy the benefits of being an Iowa State student while enrolled at your community college. It’s a great way to ensure a smooth and successful transition to your adventure at Iowa State.

Learning communities are small groups of students who generally take two or three courses together and may also live near each other in the same residence hall. Joining a learning community will create a support group who can smooth your transition in many aspects of being a student at ISU. U.S. News & World Report recognizes Iowa State’s learning communities as one of the top 25 programs in the nation.